Greenwich Yacht Club Open Days 19th and 20th September

I'm not quite sure why, but we were invited to contribute the the Greenwich Yacht Club Art Show. Maybe they thought we might have some budding artists amongst our staff. Alas that's not the case, although Steve is a marvellous poet!

We came up with this very ropey exhibit. Arthur Beale has a tradition of supplying ropes for well over 400 years. On the display is a vitrine with a selection of ropes made by Buckingham Bros - which was the old name for Arthur Beale. There is also a prize medal awarded for our ropes. Look closely and you will find reference the Alpine Club Rope which was made by Arthur Beale and was sold worldwide. The early Everest attempts used our rope as did famous Polar Explorers such as Shackleton and Gino Watkins.

There are lots of fancy ropework items made by our very talented Steve in our rigging shop. There are Bell Ropes, Monkeys Fists, Rope Mats, and various Splices.

There is also an opportunity to take your photo in our new cut out Arthur Beale character. If you have Instagram then hashtag your photo with #Arthurbealecutout and you could win a £25.00 gift voucher. The winners will be announced at our showing of The Cruel Sea on 3rd December.

I was amazed at the quality of the other exhibits at the Art Show. Mainly paintings but some sculptures too. The GYC members are certainly a very artistic bunch.

The club is open as part of the London Open Day Weekend and there are tours of the whoe club starting at 1pm. The club has some of the best facilities around and is well worth the visit.


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