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Arthur Beale’s are now stocking Rocna and Fortress Anchors. Luckily our decision regarding anchor choice was very easy as all the hard research had been done a few years ago while planning a trip to the world’s most Northerly volcano on the remote Arctic Island of Jan Mayen. The island has no secure anchorage so one of the biggest dilemmas was how to leave the yacht and the anchor crew in safety whilst we climbed the mountain. The choice of anchor and chain would be crucial to the success of the expedition. After about a year of research I decided that the Rocna was the perfect choice. My choice was reinforced when the other two boats taking part in the expedition had completely independently chosen Rocna anchors for their main bower anchors. Our decision to stock Rocna anchors was reinforced once again when chatting with the skipper of Yacht Boreal who is sailing to Spitzbergen. He had chosen a Rocna Anchor too!

I coupled my Rocna Anchor with 60 m of 8 mm Aqua 7 chain. This galvanised chain is Grade 70 which is almost twice as strong as most anchor chains which are Grade 30 or 40. Potentially using this extra strong chain can save weight and even result in a purchasing smaller winch. In my case it just gave peace of mind.

For my kedge anchor I choose a Fortress aluminium anchor. It would keep the weight right down which was both important for my already overloaded small yacht and for slinging in the inflatable dinghy to kedge off. The holding power of these light weight anchors is legendary. The United States Navy says “The Fortress anchors had far greater holding power than any other anchor tested”. One of these lightweight anchors plus 100 m of Liros Polyester Octoplait will make the perfect kedge for any yacht.

So Arthur Beale’s now stock Rocna and Fortress Anchors, Aqua 7 Chain and Liros Octoplait ropes so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep even when the wind pipes up.


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