Pouncer Rounds the North Cape!

I got a fantastic text last night from Charlotte Wilkinson's satellite phone to say that she has safely rounded the North Cape of Norway in her Twister called Pouncer. Charlotte is heading for Archangel to clear Russian customs before sailing to Belamorsk and entering the Russian canal and lake system. If she doesn't get lost she will arrive in St Peterburg about three weeks later (the visa expires after a month!). Pouncer will then head for her home port of Umea in Sweden. After years of planning it will be a great achievement.

There are a few other boats up north too. Boreal must be approaching Tromso soon en route to Svalbard. Guillaume hopes to circumnavigate the Arctic Islands. You can track him live by going to the links page of this website. Very exciting stuff.

He might bump into yacht Hal with Frances and Gareth en board who are also en route to Spitsbergen. They have my .375 rifle en board in case of a polar bear attack. Hopefully they'll just shoot photos. A link to their blog can be found on the links section. I'm looking forward to their next update.

They may well meet up with another Twister called Brimble and the lovely wooden ship Thembi who are both returning from Tromso.

I am rather jealous!

(Painting by Peder Balke)


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