New CrewWatcher - The Fastest Way to Recover Crew Overboard

Arthur Beale are proud to announce that we are the London Stockist of CrewWatcher

and its not just for dogs!

The CrewWatcher is a multi award winning device which provides an instant alarm to your smart phone or tablet should the supplied beacon go outside the set range. As the alarm is activated by either distance or water it can also be used as a bilge water detector, to ensure a towed dinghy doesn't come adrift or just tied to your dogs collar so you can find her when she runs away.

• System works like a virtual lifeline, made up of 2 components: beacon and app
• FREE User-friendly app operates on compatible smart phones and tablets
• No mobile service required
• Alarm will automatically trigger in a MOB event
• One smart device watches up to 5 crew members wearing the beacon
• Perfect for children, pets, a towed dinghy or bilge alarm
• Activates with water immersion OR separation from vessel
• Rescue screen shows MOB bearing, distance and lat/long coordinates at point of MOB
• Bearing updates as boat manoeuvres and “virtual MOB Compass” points to location
• 30x faster response than Personal AIS Beacon at 1/3 the price
• Automatically updates with new features (both app and beacon)

At just £89.00 for the app and a beacon it represents fantastic value. (£169.00 for app with two beacons) Available in our shop or on our website NOW!

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