London Fashion Week - An Antidote?
London is buzzing with all the top fashion designers showing off their beautiful clothes. We are very proud to be part of this great international city with its hugely successful fashion industry. But if fashion is to do with searching for the latest trends then Arthur Beale's clothing is probably the exact opposite. We simply can't keep up with changing colours and different styles so we just stick to timeless classics.

Take our Arthur Beale Beerenberg pullovers. They are made from undyed and unbleached British wool. Soon we will also have them made from black Welsh sheeps wool. They are basically sheep colour, surely that can't go out of fashion? And wow they smell so good!

Our St James Breton tops in blue and white stripes were loved by Piccasso, Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier. They have been worn by sailors since the 1850's and no doubt will still be worn in 2050.

When we attempted to make a minor alteration to the cut of our sailors' smocks we were rebuffed by the makers saying the blocks were made in 1800 and they can not be changed. So they stay the same for another few hundred years.

Arthur Beale established around 1500, the antidote to fashion.

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