London Boat Show Opens Tomorrow

Oh dear, it's almost 9pm and we haven't got the vacuum cleaner sorted, we haven't priced everything up or even got everything on display. I haven't sorted out the press release so I'll probably have to busk it. It's all a bit of a shambles but I expect a few hours of frantic tidying in the morning will make it look splendid-ish.
Our delivery of merino thermals and woollens from Norway only arrived at 4pm today - at least it arrived unlike quite a lot of other gear. Never mind, there's plenty of gear to cheer you up. Our bookshelves are full of books. But not normal books, they are interesting and unusual books that you won't be able to resist. There are some great tools to browse through. Lots of gorgeous bronze hardware, boat show deals for Icom and Barton, and of course a huge range of Guy Cotten clothing at tempting prices. Don't miss us, we are between the Classic Boat stand and the Guinness Bar!

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