Last Chance to see our Coracle Window Display!

Our staff enjoy working in the shop mainly because of all the wonderful people who visit us. Take yesterday evening when we met Dr Irving Finkel who was drawn into the shop after spotting our coracle window display. Dr Finkel is the President of the Coracle Society but after a fascinating conversation we discovered he is also a specialist in cuneiform inscriptions on tablets of clay from ancient Mesopotania and looks after the British Museum’s collection of 130,000 pieces. It was amongst these that he found references to an Ark before Noah. The ark was essentially a giant round coracle! There was enough data for him to have a one third size replica constructed in India. It was recorded in a 2014 TV documentary (I really should get a TV!). Dr Finkel has promised to drop of a copy of his book “The Ark before Noah” which I shall enjoy reading. I wonder who we will meet next!

This is our window display sidewards on because of the sun reflecting in the window

Our coracle isn’t so old. It was built by the brilliant award winning Boatbuilder, Ryan Kearley who runs courses on making coracles as well as making fine boats.
We need to return the coracle soon so the window will change in preparation for London Design Week when we are hosting an exhibition of jewellery inspired by Arthur Beale made by the staff of Central St Martins!

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