Introducing the Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Pelmo Jumper - a lighter knit for warmer weather

This Oiled Wool Light Knit Jumper has been named after the striking Monte Pelmo, one of the highest peaks in the Dolomites. This jumper is made using the same traditional methods and materials as our famous Beerenberg and Erebus pullovers, but uses a much lighter and softer knit more suitable for the milder weather found in the Alpine regions. If you love our heavy knit Beerenberg and Erebus pullovers in the colder months, then you will love the Pelmo Jumper as the perfect layer for Spring and Summer when you want something a little lighter. 

Monte Pelmo was one of the first major Dolomite peaks to be climbed, by Englishman John Ball, who later became president of the UK's Alpine Club, in 1857. In 1964, the Alpine Club, being distressed by various climbing rope failures, decided to set up a committee to carry out strength tests. Of nearly a hundred ropes tested, only three met their standards. All three were made by Arthur Beale who was chosen as the sole manufacturer of the Alpine Club Line which was used worldwide by mountaineers and explorers. 

The Monte Pelmo Jumper has the following unique features:

✔ It is oiled wool. Oiled wool is a yarn that hasn’t been highly processed or dyed and still contains the natural lanolin oils from the fleece, this gives the pullover the fresh wool smell.

✔ The pullover is Made from British Wool.

✔ Being made in Britain from British wool reduces the carbon footprint.

✔ No bleach or dye has been used - it is completely natural, fully biodegradable and will not the shed the harmful plastic micro fibres associated with artificial fleece.

✔ This Pelmo Jumper is a very hardy garment which will keep you warm during cold spells, but because it is so breathable and light, it is perfect during the warmer months as an extra layer.

 It features reinforced thumb holes so the sleeves can be pulled over your hands on cold watches.

 It will naturally shed off a short shower or spray and still maintains its warmth even if it does get wet.

✔ The pure Welsh Wool used to make this pullover is specially spun for us to our exacting specification.

✔ It is naturally fire resistant. Wool is self-extinguishing unlike many synthetics. That is why it is the chosen material for occupations such as oil rig workers and firefighters.

✔ This unprocessed wool, doesn’t hold sweat like man-made fibres so it naturally rarely needs laundering as it will stay fresher longer.

This is a genuine Arthur Beale Jumper which has been made with great care to last a very long time.




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