Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club

Gerry came in with a copy of the 75th Anniversary Booklet published in 1996 of the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club. It was given to him by a club member. I could be wrong but I think the club was the inspiration for the Art of Coarse Sailing one of the funniest books about sailing "A Coarse Sailor is someone who in a crisis forgets nautical language and shouts 'For God's sake,'turn left', while Coarse Sailing is not mucking around in boats but boating around in muck." I digress, on page 15 of the booklet is a little known fact about Arthur Beale. We knew he was a very keen rower as he was the Vice Captain of the Vesta Rowing Club. Obviously he was a keen sailor too! He did his bit for the club by working behind the bar on a volunteer basis. What will we find next?


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