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Article: Diesel Bug Talk

Diesel Bug Talk

On a cold winter evening it is all too tempting to stay indoors and watch TV but occasionally an event comes up which is so exciting that it simply can't be missed. Yes, I am talking about Arthur Beale's Diesel Bug Talk.

OK, it might not sound too exciting but if your engines grind to a halt in the Alderney Race due to blocked filters then you will wish you had got off your sofa and attended this very professional presentation by Patrick Keating. The problem of Diesel Bug is growing as new bio fuels are mixed with diesel for environmental reasons. In cars it rarely causes any problem but in large cold tanks on boats where condensation adds water to the mix and the fuel may lie idle for months, even years then the problem is very real. Once your fuel is contaminated it is very hard and expensive to clean the tanks to provide reliable running in the future.

Best avoid the bug and come along to our talk on Thursday 5th February at 1845.

We make a nominal £5.00 charge to attend but will refund the entrance fee in full if you make any purchase to the value of £15.00 or if you purchase 100 ml of Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment at just £9.95. This is the same treatment that the RNLI use in their engines so there is no better recommendation for the product. Why not come along early and have a browse around our lovely shop? If you would like to attend just drop an email to and we will reserve you a place.

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