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Article: Christmas Shopping at Arthur Beale - it's easy!

Christmas Shopping at Arthur Beale - it's easy!

Christmas Shopping at Arthur Beale - it's easy!

Here is a picture of our lovely shop window. Although the lady seems in a hurry to get past I can assure you it took a while before I could find a gap in the browsers to get a clear shot.
If you are beginning to panic about the fact you have only bought one Christmas present which was for yourself then rest at ease as Arthur Beale can come to the rescue. You don’t have to be a seafarer to appreciate the quality of our gear, we have something for everyone!

Here are a couple of my favourites:

The Boaties Baking Pan. It is pure genius, the handle is removable so it keeps cool. No more staggering around with two gravy sodden tea towels. Keep one hand for the boat and extract the roast with ease and safety. Also makes the biggest ever frying pan for a real killer breakfast. It fits boat stoves and there is no handle to whack as you dash below for the storm jib. Only £24.50

Bronze Fortune Star. Brings good luck to any boat. Supplied with a raised countersunk bronze screw in a craft presentation box. How's that for attention to detail. From £13.80

Arthur Beale Tumblers. Ditch that cut glass stuff for your Christmas wine and get a set of our top quality enamel tumblers. They do look exceptionally stylish which was more by fluke than judgement.

This is silly – I’ll be here all night, all our gear is wonderful. Just go to
Or scroll through the quick guide below
The Arthur Beale Christmas Gift Guide to help you choose from our lovely stock
with little or no distress

£2.95 Arthur Beale coaster
£3.75 Practise your Knots Kit
£3.95 Classic Sailor magazine
£4.50 Wooden Boat Magazine
£4.50 Box of proper Ships Biscuits
£5.50 Watercraft Magazine
£7.50 Knot Kit with Book
£7.54 A pair of cufflinks (actually 3 mm bronze shackles)
£7.95 Moving Heavy Things – ever popular!
£8.50 Claudia Myatt Mug
£8.80 Exped Dry Bag – Orange
£10.00 Worse Things Happen at Sea
£10.95 Arthur Beale Enamel Tumbler (or £40.00 for four)
£11.00 Klein Zipper Bag – choice of colours
£11.99 A Full Cup – Sir Thomas Lipton – Staff choice of book
£12.50 Arthur Beale Enamel Mug (or £20.00 for two)
£13.80 Small Bronze Fortune Star
£16.20 Medium Bronze Fortune Star
£17.50 Flints Pocket Reference Book – breaking load of ice to the strength of chillies!
£17.95 Devold Action Sock – total comfort
£18.60 Large Bronze Fortune Star
£19.50 Enamel Expedition Bowl
£19.75 Miniature Woodworking Set
£19.84 Boaties Frying Pan
£20.00 Cruising Yachts Design and Performance – NEW
£20.00 Miki Watch Hat – all the rage!
£21.50 Nansen Hat
£23.40 Bahco Mini 26 Bit Set – very handy
£24.50 Boaties Baking Pan – One Handed – a genius move!
£25.00 Aquapac Electronics Case
£25.50 Devold Expedition Merino Hood
£25.50 Nansen Mittens
£27.99 Noggin the Nog DVD – Brilliant for any age
£29.99 Shipyard Game – Lovely looking game
£32.50 Windproof Buff with Scotchlite strip
£34.95 Vaavud Wind Speed Meter for Smart Phones
£35.00 Sealskinz waterproof Cap
£35.00 Gerber Rescue Knife
£37.00 Sealskinz Waterproof Socks
£39.00 2016 Nautical Almanac
£39.00 Pack of four Klein Zipper Bags
£39.50 Pack of four Exped Dry Bags
£44.00 Vaavud Wind Speed and Direction Meter of Smartphones
£49.50 Traverse Kit – 500 year old navigational tool
£54.26 Bahco 34 piece Socket Set
£54.95 Windoo Smartphone Weather Station
£63.00 Leatherman Skeletool – our favourite Multitool
£65.00 Sealskinz Extreme Cold Weather Gloves
£66.91 Devold Merino Expedition Zip Neck
£67.95 Windoo Smartphone Weather Station Model 2
£73.44 Devold Expedition Women Hoodie
£84.95 Windoo Smartphone Weather Station Model 3
£97.66 Storm Glass (plus £20.27 for wall bracket)
£114.50 Nansen High Neck Sweater 9Sold out but more are on the way!)
£123.69 Globe Lamp – Great on the balcony too
£112.95 Brass Barometer
£112.90 Brass Tide Clock
£129.90 Handheld VHF Transciever M25 NEW
£145.00 Thermo Jacket – so very warm!
£145.00 Ortlieb 85 L Duffle
£156.35 Oil Anchor Light – beautiful and practical item
£305.09 Wempe Nautik Clock
£305.09 Wempe Nautik Barometer
£430.00 Pendulas Lamp (Oil or Electric)

We are open everyday until 7pm and until 8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Come and say hello and get yourself sorted out for Christmas. It really is easy!

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