An email came through - "Thanks Steve, that wire fitted perfectly, can I have another two sent over?". Well, that would have been fine if Steve wasn't on holiday so James looked at Alex with slightly quizzical look and Alex looked to me but got no reassurance there. Then James and Alex remembered the "Database" and big smiles appeared all round.

Now, as you may imagine, the Arthur Beale Database isn't an expensive piece of mind numbing software but it is a simple skewer neatly bent at the end so it can hang up. All our jobs are written on half sheets of paper which is 50% greener than full sheets. When the job is complete the piece of paper goes on the skewer like a giant Doner Kebab. I'm not yet sure what happens to old full skewers but this one is an impressive couple of feet tall. In less time than it takes to kick start my laptop the relevant scrap of paper was retrieved and the new wires could be made.

I'm not sure if it would comply with ISO 9001 but as a system it is simple and it works!

Arthur Beale's are doing more and more rigging jobs and have recently invested in a new roll swaging machine. If you are after a couple of new shrouds or guardrail wires then why not ask us to provide a quote?

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