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Article: Arthur Beale hasn't always been a Yacht Chandler!

Arthur Beale hasn't always been a Yacht Chandler!

Arthur Beale hasn't always been a Yacht Chandler!

We supplied many prestigious Explorers and Mountaineers.
Our next few posts will cover just a few of our surprising clients.

Frank Smythe
Francis Sydney Smythe (1900 – 1949) was an English Mountaineer, Author, Photographer and Botanist. He was born in Maidstone, Kent and educated in Switzerland. He trained as an Electrical Engineer and worked briefly for the RAF and Kodak. He then devoted himself to lecturing, talking about his passion for mountaineering, photography and botany.
He was a prolific writer but his book the "The Kangchenjunga Adventure" secured his place as a highly respected author. It describes their failed attempt to climb the third highest mountain in the world.
Mount Smythe in Canada is named in his honur.
Arthur Beale has a signed letter in our archives from Frank Smythe dated 6th August 1930 thanking us for the excellent Aline Club Line that we supplied to the expedition.

In fact, he was extremely complimentary about the rope saying it was suitable for all climbing purposes and provided greater confidence to the team. He said the line provided better security than many thicker and heavier ropes.

The advertisement from a 1928 edition of The Rucksack Journal shows that Arthur Beale described its trade as a Alpine Expedition Equipper. We were agents for Jaeger's Alpine Wear and stocked Ice Axes, crampons and "Neo Belays" and we still have a few of those in stock!
Today we continue to supply many adventurous sailors heading to polar regions.

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