2022 Arthur Beale Photography Competition

The results are in for our 2022 Arthur Beale Photography Competition...

After lots of deliberation, we have finally chosen our winners for this years Photography Competition! We love receiving pictures of you wearing your Arthur Beale kit on your adventures, and every year we choose our favourites who will receive a free gift.

Whether you're walking the dog or exploring the Arctic, Arthur Beale has something for every adventure.

The Runners-up

Huon Barlow @huonb

We love these snaps of Huon wearing the Ecru Erebus Pullover on a trip to the Isle of Skye.

Prize: Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beanie Hat

Sam Buckle @landroversandhound

Our Light Welsh Grey Beerenberg Pullover really looks the part on Sam as he enjoys life on the River Thames.

Prize: Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beanie Hat

Niamh MacGowan @niamhmacgowan

We had to pick this gorgeous snap by Niamh as our third runner-up because... well... thumb holes! We love seeing the details of our Black Welsh Mountain Beerenberg Pullover up close, and our jumpers are also perfect for chilly days foraging for wild garlic!

Prize: Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Beanie Hat

The Winner

Thomas Sant

We love to see our pullovers being tested to the limits, and Thomas' picture, alongside his review, show just that! 

"I bought the Beerenberg pullover specifically for an extended field visit to Greenland. Setting off on ship from Iceland the sea ice was thicker than expected on the Greenland coast and after a few days at sea we headed back to Iceland to try again the next month. Standing on deck in the Beerenburg felt very Shackelton-esque - and very warm in temperatures a few C above zero. The bulk of the garment and the heavy wool trap a lot of air for insulation if worn under a windproof/waterproof layer and the arm-length, thumb holes and neck help keep the warmth in. I love the raw wool - firstly for coming from Wales and secondly for not having a chemical wash/treatment/dye. I'm happy to wear the pullover with just a t-shirt, but I do usually wear a long sleeve merino base layer and a buff for extra comfort. I'm looking forwards to spending more time in Greenland with this pullover in the near future!"

Prize: Arthur Beale Oiled Wool Erebus Pullover

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