Arthur Beale Erebus® Boat Neck Pullover


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Arthur Beale Erebus® Boat Neck Pullover

We were often asked if we could produce a boat neck version of the famous Roll Neck Beerenberg Pullover for those who find roll necks a bit itchy. After a lot of testing we are now proud to announce the Erebus® Pullovers have arrived.

Made from the wool from the hardy Welsh Mountain Sheep which is neither bleached or dyed so it retains its wonderful woollen smell. The retained lanolin also repels water and the dark brown colour (Black welsh mountain) absorbs the warmth of the sun.

Each pullover has a small identifying Arthur Beale logo badge on the sleeve. We have designed this pullover so it can be worn either way round, effectively doubling its life!

 Logo design may vary

Supplied with a free multi-purpose cotton stuff bag wich features a simple drawcord closure lending itself perfectly to gifting or as a simple storage solution.

The size chart should pop up on the right hand of the screen, only accessible on a desktop

Why an Arthur Beale Pullover?

Arthur Beale have a totally unique history. We have been in business for at least four hundred years. In those days England was abundant with fields of flax from which we made ropes and twines. Our Alpine Club Rope became world famous and was used on the early Everest attempts by Eric Shipton H.W.Bill Tilman and Tenzing Norgay. We also supplied Polar Explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton and Gino Watkins. Today we still supply Arctic Explorers with sailing equipment and clothing. Wool’s unique insulating properties make it the preferred choice of many Polar expeditions.

By buying from Arthur Beale you are helping a rare independent company continue to survive..

You won’t meet many people wearing the same pullover so why not say hello when you do. You may be navigating through Havengore Creek, anchored in a remote fjord in Svalbard or walking in the Brecon Beacons. You’ll have something in common, we are sure of that.

We would love to see some pictures of your adventures. Please feel free to send us a photo with your pullover’s serial number and each year we will send a gift to the best one. Please note the Erebus does not have thumb holes.

Care Instructions 

As this pullover contains natural lanolins which help it to resist water it is best to wash it as little as possible and since our pullovers are made from unprocessed wool, they don't hold sweat like man-made fibres so they naturally rarely need laundering as they will stay fresher longer. The lanolin provides the pullover with a fresh wool smell. Traditionally woollen pullovers would be protected from dirt while fishing or working onboard by wearing a simple canvas smock. Arthur Beale stock a range of natural canvas smocks. Over time however you may need to clean your pullover and we recommend the following method.

a) Wash in tepid (30°C) water – hot water will lead to shrinkage. Use a liquid soap such as Arthur Beale’s Woolly Wash or a 2 in 1 hair shampoo with conditioner. Immerse the pullover and gently swish and agitate by hand. Leave to soak for 5 - 10 minutes then ball up the pullover and squeeze out the water. Refill with fresh water and repeat until the water is clear when squeezing out.

b) Never wring or stretch wool when wet – this will cause the pullover to become misshapen due to the elasticity of natural wool. Just lay the pullover on a clean towel and roll them tightly together to remove the excess moisture without stretching it.

c) Dry the pullover flat – do not use the tumble dryer or the pullover will shrink radically. You can buy special mesh trays to help the air flow. Reshape the pullover whilst it is damp, squaring off the shoulders and the welt (waist) A good way to freshen a pullover between washes is to gently steam/press it with an iron on the wool or steam setting.

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