Rope Access and Mast Climbing

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Kong Frog - Arthur BealeKong Frog - Arthur Beale
Sale priceFrom £24.95
Kong Frog Kong In stock
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Petzl Caritool - Arthur Beale
Sale price£7.95
Petzl Caritool Petzl Only 5 units left
Petzl Tibloc - Arthur BealePetzl Tibloc - Arthur Beale
Sale price£28.99
Petzl Tibloc Petzl
Petzl Ascension Ascender - Arthur BealePetzl Ascension Ascender - Arthur Beale
Sale price£53.99
Petzl Ascension Ascender Petzl Re-stocking soon
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Petzl Absorbica - Arthur Beale
Sale price£40.99
Petzl Absorbica Petzl
Petzl Rig® Descender - Arthur BealePetzl Rig® Descender - Arthur Beale
Sale price£149.95
Petzl Rig® Descender Petzl Only 1 unit left
Petzl I'D® L Descender - Arthur BealePetzl I'D® L Descender - Arthur Beale
Sale price£205.99
Petzl I'D® L Descender Petzl Only 2 units left
Petzl Croll® S Ascender - Arthur BealePetzl Croll® S Ascender - Arthur Beale
Sale price£54.95
Petzl Croll® S Ascender Petzl Only 1 unit left

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