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suppliers to seafarers, wayfarers, vagabonds & explorers for over 500 years

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Arthur Beale Ditty Bag - Arthur Beale
Arthur Beale Ditty Bag
Sale priceFrom £15.95
Opinel Classic Originals Stainless Steel - Arthur Beale
Arthur Beale Woolly Wash
Arthur Beale Woolly Wash
Sale price£6.50
Arthur Beale Wool Fat Soap
Save 20%Arthur Beale Zipper Bag
Arthur Beale Zipper Bag
Sale price£7.95 Regular price£9.95
Sold outArthur Beale Wool Fat Hand Soap 3 Pack
Save 6%Arthur Beale Gin
Arthur Beale Gin
Sale price£32.95 Regular price£34.95
Arthur Beale Navy Tote Bag
Save 17%Arthur Beale Zipper Bag - Pack of Three
Arthur Beale Zipper Bag - Pack of Three
Sale price£14.95 Regular price£17.95
Arthur Beale Carpenter's Pencil - Arthur Beale
Learn a Knot a Day Book
Learn a Knot a Day Book
Sale price£3.95
Fortune Stars - Arthur Beale
Fortune Stars
Sale priceFrom £15.99
Monkey Fist Knot Keyring
Monkey Fist Knot Keyring
Sale priceFrom £4.95
Arthur Beale Rigging Tool Bag
Sold outSailor's Pocket Knife
Sailor's Pocket Knife
Sale price£10.50
Cotton Bell Lanyard - Arthur Beale
Cotton Bell Lanyard
Sale priceFrom £8.99
Brass Compass Keyring - Arthur Beale
Brass Compass Keyring
Sale price£8.50
Opinel Slimline Fish Knife - Arthur Beale
Keyring Whistle
Keyring Whistle
Sale price£5.95
Arthur Beale Heritage Badge
Save 21%Arthur Beale Hand Care Set
Arthur Beale Hand Care Set
Sale price£10.95 Regular price£13.90
Arthur Beale Ensign Badge
Arthur Beale Ensign Badge
Sale price£2.00
Hero Lip Balm - Arthur Beale
Hero Lip Balm
Sale price£15.00
Cork Ball Keyring - Arthur Beale
Cork Ball Keyring
Sale price£5.99
Arthur Beale Lip Balm
Arthur Beale Lip Balm
Sale price£15.00
Bishop Twine Stand with cutter, 140 m Jute
Arthur Beale Wooden Keyring - Arthur Beale
Classic Originals - Carbon Knife & Pouch Gift - Arthur Beale
Arthur Beale Thermal Mug
Arthur Beale Thermal Mug
Sale price£19.45
Save 38%Arthur Beale Hand and Body Lotion
Arthur Beale Hand and Body Lotion
Sale price£4.95 Regular price£7.95
Jute Twine Ball 140m
Jute Twine Ball 140m
Sale price£3.95
Brass Keyring Anchor - Arthur Beale
Brass Keyring Anchor
Sale price£5.99
Save 38%Arthur Beale Hand Wash
Arthur Beale Hand Wash
Sale price£4.95 Regular price£7.95
Dont Give up Lip Balm - Arthur Beale
Dont Give up Lip Balm
Sale price£15.00
Save 13%Champagne Cork Keyring - Arthur Beale
Champagne Cork Keyring
Sale price£6.99 Regular price£7.99
Jute Bell Lanyard
Jute Bell Lanyard
Sale priceFrom £9.95
Opinel No.2 Classic keyring knife
Sold outNickel Bosun's Call - Arthur Beale
Nickel Bosun's Call
Sale price£36.95
Manrope Knot Ball Key Ring
Brass Keyring Calendar - Arthur Beale
Brass Keyring Calendar
Sale price£8.95
Save 20%Brass Compass Paperweight - Arthur Beale
Brass Compass Paperweight
Sale price£17.56 Regular price£21.95
Opinel No.4 Colorama keyring knife
Save 17%Arthur Beale Complete Hand Care Package
Arthur Beale Complete Hand Care Package
Sale price£22.95 Regular price£27.80
Brass Keyring Ship Wheel - Arthur Beale
Keyring Ship Wheel
Sale price£5.99
Titanic Whistle - Arthur Beale
Titanic Whistle
Sale price£18.95
Dog Flotation Vest - Arthur Beale
Dog Flotation Vest
Sale priceFrom £18.95
Opinel Oyster & Shellfish Knife - Arthur Beale
Sold outSave 15%Brass Mouth Horn & Chain - Arthur Beale
Brass Mouth Horn & Chain
Sale price£16.95 Regular price£19.99


black and white photo of The Southern Party consisting of Ernest Shackleton, Wild, Marshall and Adams aboard 'Nimrod'

Rich Heritage

With a history spanning over five centuries, Arthur Beale is steeped in tradition and expertise. Our craftsmanship and dedication to quality have been trusted by legendary explorers, from early Everest attempts to Polar expeditions led by icons like Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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two sheep graze on a green grassy hillside


At Arthur Beale, we hold a deep appreciation for traditional manufacturing techniques and a commitment to sustainability using natural materials. Embracing our heritage, we prioritize craftsmanship and quality, ensuring our products are made to last. By adhering to traditional methods, we honor the legacy of generations past while also minimizing our environmental impact. Our use of natural materials reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsible stewardship of the Earth's resources. Through these practices, we not only preserve traditional craftsmanship but also contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

a historic image of arthur beale at the london boat show

Small Independent Company

By choosing Arthur Beale, you're supporting a rare independent company that's dedicated to preserving its heritage and continuing its legacy for generations to come.

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We believe in investing in high-quality, durable products that are built to last. By choosing well-made items that stand the test of time, we reduce the need for frequent replacements and minimize our environmental footprint.