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PVC Marine BucketPVC Marine Bucket
Sale price£19.50
PVC Marine Bucket Re-stocking soon
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Long Handle Scrubbing Brush - 276 - Arthur Beale
Jumbo Synthetic Sponge - Arthur Beale
Sale price£2.29
Jumbo Synthetic Sponge Only 5 units left
Spontex Decorator's Sponge - Arthur Beale
Sale price£3.58
Spontex Decorator's Sponge Only 4 units left
5" Wooden Handle with screw thread end - Arthur Beale
Sale price£37.00
5" Wooden Handle with screw thread end Starbrite Re-stocking soon
Starbrite Cleaning Brushes - Arthur BealeStarbrite Cleaning Brushes - Arthur Beale
Sale price£26.99
Starbrite Cleaning Brushes Starbrite Only 2 units left
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Leather Chamois 2.2 sq ft - Arthur Beale
Sale price£9.95
Leather Chamois 2.2 sq ft
White Rags 1 kg
Sale price£16.27
White Rags 1 kg Re-stocking soon
Stockinette 250 g - Arthur Beale
Sale price£3.44
Stockinette 250 g

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