Slow Fashion from Arthur Beale!

There has been a lot of talk about the fashion industry selling clothes that are so cheap and poorly made that they get worn just once and then thrown away. Their low value makes them of little interest to second-hand shops and the widespread use of plastic fibres means they won’t biodegrade. The designs are short lived, nobody wants to be seen in last months designs.
At Arthur Beale we believe in clothing that will last for years. It will never go out of fashion. All our Arthur Beale branded clothing is made from natural materials so there are no polyester micro fibres to pollute the oceans. We don’t follow the fashion trends but just make clothing based on classic practical seafaring designs.
Here are just a few examples of how our clothing is better for the planet:
  • All the wool used in our Beerenberg range of pullovers and hats is just gently cleaned using no bleach and no dye. Until you see a blue sheep, you will never see a blue Beeereberg!
  • The colours are the natural colours of the sheep!
  • The wool contains natural lanolin to make them stain and shower resistant, so they don’t require special after treatments. They smell beautiful and rarely need washing.
  • They are incredibly warm, so you can turn your heating down!
  • They are built to last but if there is any problem, we can arrange factory repairs
  • Our tough canvas sailors’ smocks will last for years.
  • All our smocks are supplied with a spare patch of the same canvas, so you can add a pocket or repair a tear.
  • Our clothing actual looks better when it gets old!
  • All our clothing is Made in Britain to keep mileage to a minimum.
So, when you buy an article of clothing with the famous Arthur Beale boat logo you are helping to preserve the environment that we love to enjoy.

Here is one of the Welsh Black Mountain Sheep hiding in the heather on the Black Mountains. We use this wool for our lovely dark brown Beerenberg Pullovers.

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