It was late and dark when I managed to run my little yacht hard onto an East Coast mud bank. It was suprisingly sticky mud and despite lots of rocking from side to side and the engine kicking up stink in reverse there was to be no shifting her. As there was a stiff breeze blowing us further onto the bank I decided to pump up the Avon and row out into deep water with my trusty kedge anchor. I use an aluminium Fortress Anchor with a long warp and it is a joy to handle. With the Fortress in the bottom of the dinghy and the warp flaked on top I rowed out dropped the anchor over the side. Back on the yacht I fed the warp over the bow roller and back to a sheet winch in the cockpit. I cranked it up until the warp was drum tight and there was no sign of the anchor shifting. Feeling safe that we wouldn't be blown further aground it was time for supper. With the new rising tide we gradually winched the boat off the bank moved into deeper water. We laid out the Rocna secure in the knowledge that nothing will budge her and got some well earned sleep. You can buy Fortress and Rocna Anchors on our online shop. We also hold stock of Grade 70 galvanised chain and various connectors to complete your ground tackle.

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