Our New Rope Reference Catalogue is Finished!

Ok, its true we were hoping to have it ready for Beale Park but one thing and another got in the way and that didn't quite happen. In any case we haven't had one for 400 years so why rush it now! However we are on the cusp of going to print just a few things to tidy up and we will press the button. Its not a boring price list but an informative catalogue laid out in chronological order with the natural fibres at the begining and ending with Technora and the technical blends. There is a section on excellent books covering knots and splicing and all the accessories you need including our lovely new range of ditty bags.

Stop Press: Well don't stop it really as we have just gone to print. We will celebrate its launch on the evening of Thursday 20th July when you can collect your copy and have a drink on Arthur Beale!

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