Our New Paint and Varnish Catalogue Has Arrived!
Our new Paint and Varnish Catalogue has arrived!
Just in time for you to get stocked up ready to tackle those boat projects that really do need to happen before the sailing sailing sweeps in and catches us in a state of unvarnish. This year we have added the Tercoo Rotating Blaster to help all our friends with steel boats needing a bit of TLC.

You'll have fun blasting off all that encrusted tar leaving a gleaming "sandblasted" finish for your new primer.
We have also greatly extended our range of West System Epoxy. Apart from the famous West 105 resin and all the hardeners we also have some handy little kits for those little repair jobs.

Due to public demand we are also stocking Bonda Marine Grade Resin and Gelcoat with handy packs of chopped mat to tackle minor repairs and reinforcements.

In fact the little catalogue covers a wide range of blobby products including Sikaflex, Cleaners and Polishes, Coelan, Brushes and Rollers, Antifouling, Abrasives and Fabric Conditioners. Pick up your copy when you are next in the shop of download a clickable PDF version in the download section of this website. (A clever person would put a helpful link here but sadly I would probably mess it up!)

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