No, not that one, but our Arthur Beale Captains Election to decide which Captain you would like to sail your ship. As you may have realised the Government stupidly decided to hold a General Election on the first Thursday in May. Everyone knows that the first Thursday of the month is the day Arthur Beale has their talks. Any other day would have been fine but no they choose to clash with us.

It happens that this Thursday we are really chuffed to have Paul Heiney coming to talk about his single handed sail to Cape Horn in memory of his son. The 50 minute illustrated talk will be followed by questions and the chance to purchase his new highly acclaimed book "One Wild Song - A quick Dash to the Horn". It is going to be a really interesting and informative night.

To add to the evening we are going to hold our very own mini election. You will get a ballot paper (and a ballot box) and you need to choose your very favourite Captain who you would like to skipper your yacht. Here are the choices:

Captain Cook, Thomas Cochrane, Robin Knox Johnson, Ellen MacArthur, Captain Scott, Fridtjof Nansen, Captain Birdseye, Ben Ainslie, Captain Tolley, Ernest Shackleton, Bill Tilman, Arthur Davies, Captain Beefheart, Tom Cunliffe, Eric Hiscock, Bernard Moitessier, Eric Tabarly, Joshue Slocum, Bob Shepton, Hoatio Nelson, or Francis Chichester. But you can choose anyone else too in the anyone else box.

The results will be announced at the end of the evening so up yours Sunderland!

Don't miss the evening - THIS THURSDAY 1830 for an 1845 start


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