Here is a wonderful product. Once you appreciate its talents you will find that you will be using it time after time. I've just had my trusty Balmar alternator serviced and I was keen to protect the newly connected terminations. Boeshield T9 is perfect for protecting electrical circuits on boats but it can do a lot more too. It was originally developed by Boeing to protect aircraft parts but they soon realised that the product would have wider appeal. It penetrates deep into crevices, cleaning, drying and providing long term protection. The film is not sticky so it doesn't attract grime. It is easy and fast to apply.

It can be sprayed on to most surfaces, including plastics and glass fibre, to leave a highly protective waxy film, or it can be sprayed on then wiped off to provide a thinner waterproof film. It makes a great lubricant. Boeshield T9 forces out moisture and attacks existing corrosion and loosens rusty parts. It will dry out wet electrical parts such as ignition circuits or electric motors.

On your yacht use it on rigging screws, electrical circuits,use it to protect your hand and power tools from rust. Free up the sliding hatch, stop hinges from squeaking or use it to clean and protect grimy engine parts.

T-9 has endless other uses and is highly praised as a chain lubricant by serious cyclists. Carpenters love it to protect their saw bench surfaces. It is used on oil rigs, by farmers, and engineers. It flushes out old lubricants. It is also extremely useful for drying wet parts, electrical motors and circuits, ignitions and connectors. Easy, fast and clean lubrication. To remove just spray on more to dissolve the surface and wipe off.

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