Avoid Plastic Pollution - Keep warm the natural way!

Why pollute the oceans with polyester micro fibres when there is a far better natural way to keep toastie warm?

Layer One - Devold Expedition Merino Thermals. These are the type explorers wear. They are incredibly comfortable, super warm (even when wet), totally breathable and they never smell. Arthur Beale stock a range of these Norwegian thermals in mens and womens sizes. For general wear try the Devold Shirt, a simple long sleeved merino top which you will probably find you will never want to wear anything else! If an Arctic blast comes our way then try doubling up with a zip top or the mega-cosy hoodie. For your legs we have merino Long Johns and for your neck a merino snood or "Headover". If you are actually going Polar then the merino balaclava could be for you.

Black Welsh Sheeps Wool Beerenberg Coming Mid Novenber - Pre Order Now - Limited Supply!

Layer two - For the traditional look why not try one of our Beerenberg Oiled Wool Pullovers. They are very heavy quality garments which retain the natural lanolin to shed of some light drizzle. They smell wonderful too. For a more modern look you can't beat the Devold Thermo Top made from wool with a zip front and zip pockets. Very smart and very warm!

Layer three - To block out any wind slip on an Arthur Beale Sailors Smock made from sailmakers canvas. They provide two big useful pockets at the front plus an inside pocket for your glasses or a phone and a lanyard attachment point for your knife or whistle. When worn over a thick woollen pullover you won't notice a short shower which will evaporate off in a jiffy.

With a merino base, thick wool mid-layer and a canvas smock you will be as warm as toast in the coldest weather. And no polyester micro-fibres to pollute the oceans.

Keep warm naturally at Arthur Beale




Good idea! I’m a bit hopeless at these things but I’ll give it a go and see what happens!



Great products- why not hyperlink the images to take you straight to the web shop?

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