No wonder we struggle to keep up with demand for our Black Welsh Mountain Beerenberg Pullovers
First of all you have to find them! The clever little darlings seem to like hiding as clumps of heather like the one in the middle of the picture. This lovely shaggy beast would make a couple of our Beerenberg Black Welsh Mountain Oiled Wool Pullovers but even when you find them you have to catch them and they are mighty shy. Mind you, I can't blame them, it gets pretty cold on the Black Mountains and I wouldn't fancy spending the night up there after some barber has attacked me with a pair of shears.

So, if you see some frustrated people running around the Brecon Beacons with a pair of scissors then they will be probably be trying to complete our pullover order which is due in on Friday.

The good news is, the Welsh Black Hats have arrived!!!

At just £19.95 these hats are amazing value. There are only 10,000 Welsh Mountain Sheep in the world and our hats are made from their pure undyed, unbleached wool with all the natural lanolin oil, These georgeous British Made hats will defend you from the coldest easterly wind. But don't hang around they won't stay on the shelves for long!

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