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Three Strand Flax Hemp (Hawser Laid)

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Flax is a wonderful natural material. In the 16th century Arthur Beale was called John Buckingham Flax Dresser and Rope Maker. The blue flowering flax plant would have been grown locally. Our shop still stands in the same spot but the flax fields have been replaced with the modern West End of London. Flax fibre is very hard to distinguish from hemp. The reason most ropes used to be made from hemp was because the flax was in demand to make sail cloth for the fast growing British Navy. Flax rope is not treated with tar when it is made so it is not very resiliant out of doors. However its very soft feel make it ideal for interior handrail or barrier ropes and for climbing ropes. Furthermore, unlike most synthetic ropes, it will withstand heat without losing strength so it is often used as theatre counterweight hauling lines.

Main Features
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Soft feel
  • Withstands heat without losing strength
  • Lovely natural smell of horses
  • Unpleasant natural smell of horses
  • Hand made in England
Main Uses
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Barrier Ropes
  • Theatre Hauling Lines
  • Handrail Ropes
Breaking Loads
6 mm 275 kg
8 mm 484 kg
10 mm 756 kg
12 mm 1120 kg
14 mm 1440 kg
16 mm 1700 kg
18 mm 2050 kg
20 mm 2650 kg
22 mm 3150 kg
24 mm 3750 kg
32 mm 7380 kg