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Rescue Tape 1" x 12'

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Rescue Tape - The ultimate multi-purpose repair tape for when it all goes wrong!

Rescue tape is an award-winning self-fusing silicone repair tape for emergencies and repairs. It is the strongest, fastest fusing repair tape. Just stretch Rescue Tape and wrap it around any object and it will fuse onto itself. This tape could save your boat!
- Wrap tool handles for great non slip grip
- Waterproof electrical connections and terminals
- Seals leaky hoses, pipes, tubing & fittings [up to 8 Bar]
- Resists 260°C and insulates to 8,000 volts [or 12,000 v Industrial]
- Use it as an emergency fan belt. Make “O” rings from it!
- Works — and can be applied — under water!
- Leaves no sticky residue