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Renaissance Wax 200 ml

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Wax polishes based on beeswax and carnauba wax either contain acids or become acidic over time. This is a problem when preserving antique objects. So in 1950 the British Museum Research Laboratory under the supervision of Dr A E A Werner developed Renaissance Wax which is based on more stable microcrystalline waxes refined from crude oil.

Now specified throughout the world by museums because of its harmless long lasting protection of wood, metal and leather. It gently lifts grime leaving a clear translucent finish without obscuring detail allowing the substrate to catch the light and glow.  It can be used inside or outside. 

  • Perfect for cabin woodwork
  • Use on brass and bronze to protect against tarnish
  • Keep leathers soft whilst offering protection
  • Preserves the lustre on gilding
  • Protects coin collections and photographs
  • Protects metal armour, weapons and sculptures both inside and outside
  • Prevents bare ironwork from rusting without the need for lacquers

Highly recommended.