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Race Vision Bi-focal Sunglasses

by Gill
SKU EYERS28-BLK10-+1.50
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Gill's new Race Vision Bi-focal Sunglasses are the perfect solution for any outdoor enthusiast, allowing you to leave your reading glasses at home. The frame is designed to float on the water for an easy rescue and feature superior lens technology to help improve clarity. Gill have even added a special coating to the lenses which repels everything from salt residue and fingerprints, to sun lotion. Available in +1.5 and +2.5 strengths.


Race Technology: Superior injection moulded lens technology. 10 times greater impact protection, improved clarity, salt water and scratch resistant.

  • Integral floatation technology, designed for life on the water. 
  • Filter category 3 lenses allowing 8-18% light transmission and are useful in bright sunlight, driving and general purpose wear. 
  • 100% UV 400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.
  • Polarized lens technology block the glare produced by light reflecting off the water.
Product Care
Rinse in fresh water. Use provided soft case to clean lenses.


Arthur Beale says

As the dark tinting of the sunglasses will make reading naturally more difficult you might find the 2.5 magnification a better choice even if your normal reading glasses are weaker.