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The PlanKform is a brand new concept for a completely versatile work station. Each PlanKform box contains two units which can slide onto a standard scaffold board. The sockets take standard size 8 scaffold tube. So you can design your trestle-com-bench to be any width and any height! The wide flat wooden surface is ideal for storing items like masts. The wood board won't damage the mast’s surface and if you need to varnish your spars there is space for the varnish pot too. You could cut a longer board wide enough to fit your dinghy and with short legs you can find the ideal working height. Just one bench unit will hold a sewing machine or perhaps bench mounted crimpers or wire cutters to make a dedicated rigging bench. The timber boards can be easily customised with profiled plywood to hold drums of wire. Wood blocks can attached to prevent round objects rolling off. Short legs can turn your PlanKform into a great seat for a cup of tea. Use just one socket and make a ramp to access the back of your van! There is simply no end to the uses for PlanKforms!
- Endless variety of heights and widths
- Easily fit half a dozen serious trestles into the boot of a small car
- Customise your board to suit your needs
- Buy your scaffold board and legs locally to save transport costs - or buy a complete set from us.

In the box:

PlanKform kit complete with 985 mm scaffold board and four 900 mm aluminium scaffold tubes

You can also just buy a box containing two PlanKform units to make one trestle - you supply the board and legs to save on transport costs.

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