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Mini Woodworking Tool Set

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These tools have been designed for the discerning woodworker and modelmaker who requires more manageable tools for intricate smaller applications such as model boats, planes, windows, toys, jewellery boxes, and display cases etc.

Despite their size, the tools are made from top quality materials such as hardwoods, brass fittings and also to the same exacting standards as their regular sized counterparts. The small try square is particularly useful as it will fit in the apron pocket and be to hand when needed.

This five piece set contains:

Mini Woodworking Plane (12 mm Blade Width, 75 mm Length)
Mini Combination Gauge (130 mm Length)
Mini Sliding Bevel (125 mm Blade Length)
Mini Try Square (125 mm Blade Length)
Mini Dovetail Square (125 mm Blade Length, 1 in 6 75degree)