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Professional prismatic sighting compass - Made in Germany

Parallax and adaptation errors are avoided!

  • Adjustable high precision prism system made of B270 mineral - for precision readings
  • Inclination angle scale with percentage and gradient scale
  • 1/4 inch thread for attaching the compass to a tripod
  • Black metal case and lid
  • Lid with window, direction lines and protective brackets
  • Metal rotary ring with luminescent 360° scale
  • Thermoelastic capsule with 360° precision compass rose
  • Spirit-level
  • Ruler with cm and inch markings
  • Made in Germany
  • Luminescent North symbol, bearing lines and index
  • N/S und E/W lines
  • Conversion tables for degrees/mils, percentage/gradient, width/distance
  • Thumb holder ring made of metal
  • With leather pouch

Professional supplementary equipment:

  • Metal rotary ring with 6400’ military dial
  • Luminescent dial
Unit size: 99 x 63 x 30 mm
Weight: 210 g

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