Marine Diesel Engine Emergency Action Drills

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Everybody should do diesel engine course, but as soon as you finish the course you'll start to forget stuff and evenin if you're the practical type who does their own engine mintenance; when your vessel or the safety of your crew are at stake, the overwhelming emotion of the situation may cause you to panic and to take actions that are irrational. So trying to diagnose and then fix a fault especially at sea and under pressuer, can be a real challenge.

Manuals and apps aren't designed for use during an emergency, but this little book is. So when your memory lets you down, and it probably will, this unique step-by-step guide will help unlock your knowledge, giving you the best chance of carrying out the correct action in over 20 of the most common marine diesel engine emergencies.

So how does it work...

If you can answer yes or no to a simple question you can start to solve a problem in under 60 seconds. And you can't do that with a manual or an app...

Just flip and this unique little book will unlock your knowledge, guiding you step by step to diagnose and start dealing with over 20 common marine diesel engine emergencies, competently and correctly first time every time.

It's Innovative, intuitive and simple...

In fact: this book is so simple that a 12yr old can follow them to solve a problem as effectively as any adult. They're waterproof, tear resistant and hand made in Britain, so they're built to last.

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