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Crewwatcher MOB Alarm

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Winner of DAME Category 2017
Winner of Equipment Innovation of the Year Award - The British Yachting Awards 2018
Winner of Miami 2018 Innovation Awards
Winner of Pittman Innovation Awards
Yachting Worlds - Best Smart Phone Device on Test

Arthur Beale are proud to be a the main London Stockists of this brilliant new device

The CrewWatcher is a crew overboard alarm system with some fantastic extra functions

• System works like a virtual lifeline, made up of 2 components: beacon and app
• Included user-friendly app operates on compatible smart phones and tablets
• No mobile service required
• Alarm will automatically trigger in a MOB event
• One smart device watches up to 5 crew members wearing the beacon
• Perfect for children, pets, a towed dinghy or bilge alarm
• Activates with water immersion OR separation from vessel
• Rescue screen shows MOB bearing, distance and lat/long coordinates at point of MOB
• Bearing updates as boat manoeuvres and “virtual MOB Compass” points to location
• 30x faster response than Personal AIS Beacon at 1/3 the price
• Automatically updates with new features (both app and beacon)