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Copper Roves

by Davey
Nail Gauge
Rove Diameter
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We have an extensive range of copper nails in both countersunk head and rose head, together with a complementary range of copper roves.  All items are packed in boxes of 1/2 kilo.  Other sizes are available to special order, in minimum quantities of 10 kilos.  Copper nails are manufactured to the wire gauge, where the highest number is the thinnest nail.  We list below the range of gauges that we supply with the approximate equivalent size in millimetres, which is measured across the flats.

 Size Approx. Quantity per 1/2 Kilo Box
14 / 8 mm 1150
13 / 10 mm 700
12 / 11 mm 450
10/11 / 12 mm 340
9 / 14 mm 250
7/8 / 16 mm 190
6 / 19 mm 130