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Baby Blake Perishable Spares Kit

by Blakes
Availability: translation missing: en.general.icons.icon_check_circle icon Item is not in stock at our dispatch centre, therefore requires ordering in. Dispatch can take up to 2 weeks.

1 x TBM7010 Hose Connection
2 x TBB7300 Back Connection Washer
2 x TBB7335 Hose Clip
1 x TBB7340 Top Copper Washer
1 x TBB7345 Bottom Copper Washer
1 x TBB7350 Fibre Washer
1 x TBB7355 Bucket Washer
1 x TBB7360 Leather Washer 1"
2 x TBB7365 Leather Washer 1/2"
1 x TBB7370 Leather Washer 1 1/2"
1 x TBB7375 Joint
2 x TBB7380 Bucket Washer
1 x TBB7385 Centre Weighted Rubber Ball
1 x TBB7390 Joint
4 x TBB7395 Fibre Washer
4 x TBB7400 Rubber Washer
4 x TBB7405 Rubber Washer
1 x TBB7411 Lip Seal
1 x TBB7416 Lip Seal 3/8"
1 x TBB7431 Clack Valve Assembly
1 x TBB7640 Gland Packing
1 x TBBLIT Hand Book