2.5 kg Stainless Steel Folding Grapnel Anchor

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Folding anchors are often chosen by small boat owners. As the tines fold up, the anchor is easy to stow in a locker or under a thwart. The fact that there are four tines means that this anchor it bound to grab hold of something, that said, the low surface area of the tines will mean they can be dragged through soft mud or sand. This is not a suitable anchor for overnight stays. However, there is also a chance this anchor will find a spot between the rocks and not budge for love or money without a tripping line.

Grapnels can also be useful for retrieving rope or chain from the seabed. Lobster fishermen and women often throw a grapnel to get hold of their pot lines.

This stainless version is a beautifully made grapnel anchor which has been mirror polished resulting in an anchor bordering on a work of art! It is actually tempting to use it as a candelabra rather than tossing it into the sea to scrape against the rocks. Would make a very posh dinghy anchor for lunch or fishing stops.

2.5 kg.

A4 (AISI 316 grade)

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