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No6 (8 mm) Jute Sash Cord 12.5 m Hank

£5.00 per hank
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Jute fibres come from the skin or “bast” of the jute plant. The fibres can vary between a metre and 4 metres long. Apart from making twine and rope, jute is the fibre used to make hessian. Hessian sacks are ideal for planting young trees and for landscaping as it is fully bio-degradable. As jute plants are naturally watered and require no pesticides it is the most environmentally friendly fibre. Jute loses some strength when wet. Sash cord was once the prefered cord for general use backstage. It is still a popular line in theatres but the stronger modern braided polyesters are now taking its place. The 12.5 m long hanks are useful to divvy up amongst staff.

Main Features
  • Soft natural fibre
  • Pliable
  • Economical
  • Environmentally sound
  • Not very strong (compared to polyester)
Main Uses
  • Backstage general cord
  • Theatre tab track lines
  • Theatre throw lines
  • Sash window counterweight lines