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Lanoguard Grease 250 ml

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Protects, Waterproofs, Lubricates, Lasts, Stays.

Superior Waterproof Marine Grease which is a versatile multi-purpose grease primarily designed for heavy-duty lubrication, thread and surface anti-seize and as a complete corrosion prevention barrier.

Better than products you have tried before, Lanoguard Marine Grease can be used wherever petroleum grease is used but will provide you with many benefits over the product you use currently and can be used to do more jobs than a normal grease too.

Something which really makes Lanoguard stand alone when compared to others is that it will stay in place doing its job for a long time and won’t be displaced by pressure washing nor by salt spray in stormy weather and won’t evaporate or be dissolved by petrol products. As well as this it is ecologically friendly and lasts much, much longer.

It works by providing a protective waterproof coating which stops dead electrolysis, salt, acid and alkaline and therefore completely prevents corrosion. It will not perish any rubbers or plastics either and in fact will nourish them!

Primarily a grease, lubricant and anti-seize petroleum grease replacement with many benefits, but if warmed up a little and applied as a barrier coat by spray, brush or cloth it will also look after all metal and electrics on your whole boat, the underside and chassis of your boat trailer, car, van, truck, trailer or other vessel/vehicle involved in your boating life. It's great for preventing corrosion on the accessories such as your towbar, trailer parts, trailer electrics, chains, padlocks, pulleys, wires, hydraulics, ropes and pumps.
Use it wherever you would use normal grease with the exception of high-speed bearings. It is ideal for cables, winches, pins, bushes, splines, shafts, battery terminals, as an anti-seize on nuts and bolts and can be used as rubber grease. It is an excellent instant water proofer and surface protectant too when wiped on as a thin coat.

Dab wood screws in it before using them to avoid water ingress into the wood thus preventing black staining and ensuring the screws can be easily removed in the future.

Apply it to your propeller to help prevent weed growth.