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Wichard Offshore Knife - Serrated Blade and Shackle Key Spike

by Wichard
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Wichard's Offshore Serrated Blade is a Sailing Knife that stays sharp in all conditions.

Designed for sailing and for highly demanding skippers, its serrated blade enables you to easily cut all types of modern ropes including Dyneema®. Each Offshore knife is equipped with an adjustable wrist strap to avoid losing your knife when using it.

Features include:
· Serrated blade
· Safety locking blade
· Single handed opening
· Corrosion resistance
· High resistance handle -
· Glows in the dark
· Soft grip
· Remarkable cutting power
· Wrist strap
· Operates in extreme temperatures -76ºF to +148ºF

I still use my old lunimous Wichard knife on board and it has stood the test of time. Sadly it looks a bit dated now so maybe I'll lash out on the new one. I prefer the locking blade mechanism on this new knife as the old one required opening a second blade to free the locked one. This knife is good value for something that should easily last ten years.

If we do not know you as a client we will ask for evidence of your age before despatching knives ordered online. You are of course welcome to collect your order from our London shop.