Stainless Steel Studding


Diameter: M10
Length: 1 m
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This A4 (316 grade) stainless steel studding solves many problems onboard. Bolts can be quickly made to any length to solve tricky problems. Stainless steel eyenuts can be positioned either side of a stanchion by joining with a short length of studding.

A4 (316 Grade) stainless steel. For fastening stainless steel fittings above the waterline.

The most common grades are AISI 316 (A4) and AISI 304 (A2). Generally, onboard we select A4 because it has the greatest corrosion resistance. However, it is weaker than A2 which is generally selected for architectural work. 

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel relies on the surface oxidation. If air is not present the oxidation can not take place. For this reason, bolts made from stainless steel passing through damp timber can be prone to severe corrosion and are best avoided.
Another problem with stainless steel is its tendency to cold weld. A bolt made of stainless steel can suddenly seize up. Don’t apply more welly, because once the threads have seized you have had it, and the fastening will need replacing.

Applying a little Lanoguard to the thread before assembly will help prevent "cold welding". Do NOT apply Lanoguard, or any grease, if you are tightening to a specific torque as the grease will affect the torque setting.


Arthur Beale says:

Before hack-sawing the studding to length wind on a nut so that it can help to re-form the thread afterwards.

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