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Copper Tacks (500 g)

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Copper tacks are ideal for securing canvas to your decks, although I wonder who still uses this excellent covering technique? The wonderful about canvasing decks is you can take huge pleasure in mixing all those cans of old undercoat, top coat and varnish together and completely clearing your garage of rusty old cans! You will find the concoction, whatever the puce colour, will be ideal for slapping on the deck prior to laying on the canvas. The canvas will suck up gallons of the stuff!

Copper tacks are also handy for keeping intruders off your decks at night, but don't forget you have scattered them it you get up for a pee over the side.

Arthur Beale says:

If your aim with the tack hammer isn't too good, then push the copper tack into a piece of old cardboard to hold it in place for the first whack.