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Our London shop is currently closed due to Tier-4 restrictions. Dispatch time for orders is delayed. Read more here...
Our London shop is currently closed due to Tier-4 restrictions. Dispatch time for orders is delayed. Read more here...

Arthur Beale Traverse Board Kit

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Garmin and Raymarine must be quaking in their boots as Arthur Beale launches into the navigation instrument market. It would be perfect for anyone on a long ocean crossing, they can use it practically and enjoy decorating it during those loooong calm spells. If you are trying to think of a gift for a sailor who has everything then this is perfect - they definitely won't have a TraverseBoard!

The Traverse Board
The Traverse Board is a practical navigational tool which requires no batteries or antenna. It won't break down and it is a pleasure to use. 
It probably originated in the early 1500's. It would have been in use when Arthur Beale was a rope maker 400 years ago. The board was used to record the direction and speed of the ship over a four hour "watch" period. Many sailors in those days couldn't write so the board was a useful tool to memorise the ships course. It would have been handed to the skipper at the end of the "watch" and he would write up the ships log book. They were often wonderfully painted as works of art.

How does it work? 
The compass rose is drawn out with all 32 points. A hole is drilled on each point and also in 8 concentric circles. At each half hour of the four hour watch a bell is rung and the helmsman or women puts a peg in the hole which corresponds to their course.
At the bottom of the board a peg is placed to correspond to the boats speed from 0 - 8 knots. 
At the end of the four hour watch an accurate picture is given of the boats speed and course.

What's in the Arthur Beale Traverse Board Kit?
A 9 mm thick birch plywood traverse board with grooves cut to show the compass rose and guide your artistic endeavours.
Eight lengths of real hemp cord with brass ferrules on each end to act as pegs
Two solid brass screw eyes to attach your strings to the board into predrilled pilot holes
A set of colouring felt tips so you can get started straight away
An instruction sheet
A practice colouring sheet to try out your colours first.

Other Uses for the Traverse Board
A handy piece of wood to make an emergency steering oar if your rudder falls off - it could save your life.
Can be used to board over a port hole in a storm.
A handy drinks tray
Can be used as an oar blade for sculling a small yacht
Makes an excellent rest for sketching on
By sticking in small flags from different nations it can be used as a diplomatic peace offering during times of war
On hot days it makes a useful on board fan
Makes a colourful addition to a dull bulkhead wall