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Grip-on Mobile Workstation

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We frequently visit trade shows on the search for innovative tools but often with no success. However, in a giant trade fair in Germany we came across a rare find of a really useful and unique tool that we think serious cruising boat owners will love. I used to carry a clamp-on vice on my yacht. Occasionally it is a vital bit of kit. You may need to hold something rigidly to use the hacksaw, to unfasten a seized bolt or plane down some timber to fit. However, some seasons the bulky heavy vice will lay coated in lanolin and wrapped in polythene at the bottom of a locker.

The really great thing about the Mobile Workstation is that it performs dual tasks. The vice grips can be used as a handy set of well-made, wide opening, epoxy coated vice grips, but also a brilliantly designed twin-point-vice which can rigidly clamp items onto a table edge, companionway stairs, or cockpit combings. They come in a pack of two in a plastic carrier and will take up less space and be far more useful than a traditional bulky clamp-on vice.

- Two tools in one
- Lighter than carrying around a heavy vice
- Rock solid grip for hacksawing through heavy materials
- Great corrosion resistance
- Fantastic value

We love them!

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