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We are still open online, and Pick Up is available in our London shop. Read more here...
We are still open online, and Pick Up is available in our London shop. Read more here...

Lanoguard Liquid Spray 500 ml

SKU LUB505700050
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Lanoguard Marine Spray is a superior corrosion prevention, waterproofing and anti-seize spray which is much better than products you may have tried before due to its unique features and properties.

It provides much, much longer lasting protection and is very easy to apply. It works by providing a translucent, protective waterproof coating which stops dead electrolysis, salt, acid and alkaline and therefore completely prevents corrosion. It can do all this whilst providing a light lubrication too when required and will not perish any rubbers or plastics either!

Something which really makes Lanoguard stand alone when compared to others, once applied this simple coating will stay in place. It can not be displaced by jet washing or salt water in stormy weather, nor can it be evaporated by sun or engine heat nor dissolved by petrol.

Designed to look after all metal and electrics on your whole boat, the underside and chassis of your boat trailer, car, van, truck, trailer or other vessel/vehicle involved in your boating life. It's great for preventing corrosion on the accessories such as your towbar, trailer parts, trailer electrics, chains, padlocks, pulleys, wires, hydraulics, ropes and pumps.

Whatever it is this product can provide essential anti-corrosive protection with a simple spray whilst being ecologoically friendly too. It does all this and lasts much longer than anything you would have tried before and with a set of features which clearly set it apart. It is these features which make it such a versatile spray that can be used on everything from whole engine bay protection through to anti seize spray for your boat tralier winch and wheels.