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Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner - Natural Cleaning Power!

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner - Natural Cleaning Power!

Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner is a truly versatile and convenient boat cleaning product with multiple uses all around boats. It is particularly popular with small boat owners who clean their own boats.

It is a Green Directory listed product

Why do boat owners love Vistal?
- It is very effective at shifting even stubborn dirt all around a boat
- It cleans GRP, timber, stainless fittings, windows, fenders
- It polishes at the same time with a coat of glycerine
- The handy sponge gets into difficult-to-reach edges and uneven surfaces i.e. non-slip decks
- It can be used outside and inside the boat
- It is a great RIB cleaner too. It works very well on Hypalon and PVC
- Its very compact because it contains no water (one 500 g tub is enough to clean a 27ft boat)
- It is 100% natural so is safe for children, pets, allergy sufferers & the marine environment

What is it used for on boats?
- Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner removes stubborn waterline stains, oxidisation, yellowing, exhaust marks, rust stains, black streaks, algae and lichen spots from fibreglass gel coat and rib tubes.
- It also cleans stainless steel fittings, painted and varnished surfaces, Plexiglass windows and the windows of spray hoods etc., upholstery, fenders, timber, chrome and aluminium.
- It leaves a coat of glycerine which gives and even, streak-free shine and forms a protective layer which helps to keep the surface clean. To protect the surface further a commercial wax or polish can be applied on top.
- It can be used inside the boat too to clean internal GRP surfaces, headlinings, hobs, and Corian worksurfaces.

How is it used?
Lightly dampen the sponge provided and wipe across the product twice. Squeeze the sponge a few times to form a lather. Rub the surface to be cleaned. The dirt comes off on the sponge. Rinse surface with cold water or wipe off with a damp cloth and finally buff to a shine if required. Let the product dry before closing the container.

How does it work?
Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner uses the combined natural cleaning power of green soap, soap flakes, glycerine and polishing clay to remove tough dirt stains. When they are mixed together with water to form a lather they actively dissolve dirt. Because the polishing clay consists of such small particles it will not scratch. The vegetable-based glycerine seals the surface after cleaning, so that new dirt does not stick to the surface as easily.

Customer Comments
" We used this to clean our 27 ft boat, Fairline Carrera, it not only cleaned all those hard to shift algae stains, but polished the surface to a brilliant white shine, almost looks like a new boat again! Not bad for a 21 year old cruiser, also very economical, 1x 500 g tub to clean the whole boat inside and out, also cleaned up the leather seats which before using it we were thinking of getting recovered. Just ordered a bigger tub. Excellent product! "
- Mark Davies

"I would like to say how effective your product was on my 35 year old 27' boat! I bought a tub at the boatshow but didn't hold out much hope that it would actually live up to expection as, like most desperate yachties, I've tried practically everything to get the lacklustre hull and topsides dulled by oxidisation and grime clean and shiny. However, it was not only quick and easy to use with a brilliant result but, as a life-long excema sufferer, was also pleasant too. I'm not quite sure how, but my skin actually looked and felt better after I had finished (I'm guessing it's due to all that micro-abrasion etc) -- an excellent result all round! I've just ordered 2 more tubs...I've recommended it to everyone at the Club and do wish you every success."
- Barbara Sims

"Used Vistal to clean the topsides of a 40 ft sailing yacht. It really worked and brought the white up lovely and shiny. Will definitely be using it for more jobs too."
- Amanda Wright

"It's the best I've ever used to clean the boat (Hunter Channel 31 Yacht) "
- Fred Bishop

The pack contains one 500 g tub of Vistal Multi Surface Cleaner and two sponges.

Price: 18.95 (Including VAT at 20%)