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Time on the Ocean - Theo Dorgan

Time on the Ocean - Theo Dorgan

The Southern Ocean can be a terrible place – wild, storm-ridden, unforgiving-but crossing it under sail offers one of the world’s last great adventures.

Starting in Tierra del Fuego, Theo Dorgan’s journey takes him and his companions down to the feared and storied landmark of Cape Horn, on to the Falklands/Malvina and across the trackless wastes, via Tristan da Cunha, to the most isolated inhabited island in the world, to Cape Town and journey’s end.

For the author, this is a journey that touches on a poignant episode in his family history: his great grandmother died in childbirth at Cape Horn and her bones are in those cold deep waters. Time on the Ocean is an enthralling travel narrative, and it is also a profound meditation on family, good fortune, time, companionship, danger and courage.

Theo Dorgan’s previous sea book, Sailing for Home, is already recognised as a classic. Dorgan works the same magic here, sweeping the reader deep into the heart of the adventure.

Price: 11.66 (Including VAT at 20%)