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Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat - Khaki

Tilley T3 Cotton Duck Hat - Khaki

Made from the original cotton duck used for the very first Tilley Hats. It is an incredibly durable 10 oz sailcloth fabric made from 100% cotton. This hat was designed for keen sailors. The brim can be snapped up on either side or both sides. Tilley cotton hats are ideal for every weather condition, from blazing sun to monsoon rain, via rough seas and roaring winds. Weight 153 g.


- Guaranteed for life not to wear out
- Insured against loss for 2 years - all perils; 50% deductible
- Excellent sun protection, rated UPF 50+, maximum rating
- Repels rain
- Crushable and packable
- Secret pocket
- Machine washable
- Floats, will not sink
- Ties on in the wind
- 4-page Owner's Manual
- World's Best Hat
- Made in Canada

List Price £65.00 Our Special Introduction Price

Price: 63.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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