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The Splicing Handbook

The Splicing Handbook

Merry, Barbara and Darwin, John

Synopsis: The only handbook devoted to splicing today's ropes, this bestselling reference covers every kind of splicing project a boater will ever need. Featuring step-by-step illustrations and explanations for the most useful and popular splices in traditional twisted and modern braided ropes as well as wire, it covers: - how to splice high-tech, slippery, synthetic ropes such as Spectra, Dyneema and Kevlar - mainstream rope materials such as Dacron and nylon - all standard rope constructions, including solid braid, double braid, parallel core, plaited and three-strand rope - how to splice wire for shrouds and halyards, and rope to wire splices This new edition has been expanded to include a section on wire selection, new wire splices and several attractive knot and splice-based projects: rope fenders, rope cargo nets, rope ladders and rope bow puddings. There isn't a rope project on board that can't be tackled with this guide.

'Covers every splicing project a yachtsman will ever need.' Kelvin Hughes 'Aimed at the beginner, though the in-depth stuff will appeal to old hands too.' Classic Boat

Price: 16.99